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Śāradā is a collection of Indian art music conceptualized and arranged as a tribute to the Shringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation by award-winning composer and scholar, Dr. Kanniks Kannikeswaran, vocally interpreted by Vidita Kanniks.


The album features several kritis from the classical Carnatic repertory by Mutthusvami Dikshitar (1775 - 1835) in addition to original music by Dr. Kannikeswaran set to text by 8th century saint-philosopher Adi Sankara and other contemporary spiritual leaders including Bharati Tirtha Swami (1951 -) and Chandrasekara Bharati (1892 - 1954). The chosen texts and compositions are all in dedication to goddess, Sarasvati in the form of 'Śāradā', as she is seen at the Sringeri Saradamba temple in Karnataka. 


The music was commissioned originally in 2015 and was recorded and engineered by Sai Shravanam at Resound India, Chennai featuring artists T. Bhavani Prasad on Veena and S. Ganapathi on Percussion. The album has now been re-released for digital streaming on all mainstream platforms.

© 2015 K. Kannikeswaran

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